Hard Hat

For decades, multinational construction firms compiled an illegal blacklist of trade unionists, journalists and campaigners. These workers suffered years of unemployment simply for trying to raise safety standards in an industry with one of the highest fatality rates in the UK.

Lamassu Charm

The Lamassu was adopted as an emblem by the British Army in Iraq in the 1940s, and by American military forces following the invasion of 2003. Months ahead of this invasion, BP were in talks with the UK government about accessing the country’s oil reserves.

Photograph of Gilberto Torres

Gilberto Torres was kidnapped after staging a protest in response to the disappearance of Aury Sará Marrugo. “In the year 2002 I was kidnapped and held for 42 days by paramilitary groups, backed by the Colombian state and by multinational oil companies, including, among others, BP.”

Terms of Reference

BP plans to drill four new ultra-deepwater wells in an area off the south coast of Australia known as the Great Australian Bight. This inquiry comes after the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority rejected BP's plans to drill four exploratory wells last year. BP has vowed to reapply.


BP sold their Colombian operations to Ecopetrol, the company exploiting the land in the area of the Amazon where the Cofan people live. The Waira is the tool of the shaman to heal and to make music. The Cofan people are just one of countless Indigenous communities around the world threatened by multinational corporations like BP. They are on the frontlines of global resistance.